ArmaGuard. More Than Just a Truck Bed Liner

There are unlimited uses for Armaguard Spray on Coating. The main use for this product is pickup truck beds and therefore, Armaguard has developed one of the strongest coatings possible to protect and stand up to this abuse.

Armaguard is water tight, nearly indestructible, chemical resistant, food safe, flexible, good looking, and bonds permanently to almost any surface.

Unlike almost any other protective coating Armaguard is applied using very specialized and expensive equipment. Every other product I have seen is simply rolled or sprayed onto surfaces with standard applications.

Armaguard is a two part product that cures within five seconds of mixing. This makes is very strong, but also incredibly difficult to apply. No paint brushes or paint guns here, we use very specialized equipment which heats the product and pressurises it to 2200psi. The Armaguard mixes at the very tip of the specialized spray gun and is permanently cured to the surface it is sprayed to almost instantly. There is absolutely no way this product could be applied any other way. This is what puts it miles above any other protective coating and makes it the choice for absolutely any application.

If you want THE VERY BEST protection for what ever you have, Armaguard coating is the only answer.


We have attached photos of our mobile glass van bumpers and of a 20ft cargo trailer which we have applied Armaguard to. The van bumpers were chipped and rusting after only two years of commercial use. Coated with Armaguard, they look great and even standup to broken glass.

On the 20ft toy hauler, we applied the Armaguard to the floor and one foot up the wall. The floor will look just as good five years from now no matter what is dragged across it or spilled on it.


Our next Armaguard project is a Harley Motorbike. The customer has brought us all the fenders and gas tank from the bike. I will be sure to post some pictures when we finish these. I am sure the bike will look great!


Some examples of products Splashes has applied Armaguard to are; side step bars, bush guards, rocker panels, boats interior, commercial work trucks, snowmobile decks and trailers, ATV’s and so much more!


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