Truck Payload and Suspension Options.

A New Option For Extra Load Capacity

Recently, I down sized from an F350 to an F150, as 90% of my driving is around town, dropping kids off at various venues and for business errands. But, I still use it to tow various heavy loads and to get to the family cabins, which requires 10kms of off road driving.

The F150 is a real treat to drive day-to-day, but, this relaxing ride comes at a price of a very lightly sprung rear suspension. Put any kind of weight over the rear axle and the truck sags. This makes the steering erratic and, the truck looks poor when loaded. So, here are the options I considered:


Overload springs or an add a leaf,

        I have done these in the past and it ruins the ride and the look of the truck when unloaded.


Firestone Ride-Rite Air Bags. I did not want these for a number of reasons;

1)      Every time I carry any kind of weight I would have to fiddle with filling and adjusting the bags, or purchase the expensive on board compressor system.

2)      The Airbags bolt to the Frame and the Axle, limiting suspension travel during off road use

3)      A minimum working pressure must be in the bags all times, therefore stiffening the ride all the time.


Super Springs.  I also had some concerns with these;

1)      Although Super Springs say they install quickly, to me the springs look complicated and heavy. When using a half ton every extra pound counts as there is very little to spare.

2)      I am assuming here, but I can only imagine over time these will start to rattle and squeak?

3)      As the Super Springs must always have some tension on them, they will change the factory ride of the truck.


Timbren SES (Suspension Enhancement System). I stumbled across these and was very intrigued;

1)      They are incredibly simple, making them reliable and light.

2)      They do not affect the ride when the truck is not loaded.

3)      They install in a half hour and are adjustable to tailor suit them to your trucks ride height.

4)      Once installed you never need to adjust them


So I ordered a set of Timbren’s and I am very impressed. The truck rides just like it always did when unloaded. I have since loaded it with everything from 500lbs to 1500lbs. With every load or any trailer it drives beautifully and sits exactly level.  I thought when loaded the truck might ride a little rough, but somehow it doesn’t!

The only down fall I can find is the suspension travel is limited when compressed, but still better travel than with the airbags.


In my opinion, if you carry any kind of weight in your truck you owe it to yourself to at least consider Timbren Suspension systems.

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