Windshield Rock Chip Repairs Covered By Insurance?

At Splashes Auto Glass in Surrey BC we continuously get phone calls from customers saying that they saw an Auto Glass commercial stating that Windshield Rock Chips are repaired at no cost to the consumer when claiming under their comprehensive insurance.

These commercials are run by a national AutoGlass chain and they advertise for all of North America. But here is Surrey, British Columbia most vehicles are insured through ICBC and ICBC does not cover the repair of Windshield Rock Chips.  ICBC did once pay for windshield chip repairs, but have since removed that coverage all together.

And most private insurance companies do not cover Windshield Rock Chip Repairs either. Although Family Insurance and Canadian Northern Shield are two private companies that come to mind who DO cover Windshield Rock Chip Repairs at no cost to the consumer when claiming under their comprehensive insurance.

If you have recently have had a rock hit your vehicle windshield, you’ll likely be on the hook for getting it repaired. If you do not get your Windshield repaired and it splits or cracks you’ll have no choice but to replace the entire windshield. To my knowledge the lowest deductible available from any insurance company in BC is $200.

Therefore Windshield Rock Chip Repairs are much cheaper than a replacement and they only take about 20 minutes to complete. At Splashes in Surrey BC we guarantee our Windshield Rock Chip Repairs for LIFE and there is no appointment necessary! Should your Windshield Rock Chip ever crack or split for any reason, we will refund to you the entire amount of your windshield repair!


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