Auto Glass Replacement

If for some reason such as a beak-in, vandalism or mechanical failure your car or trucks window is not doing what it should be. Splashes Auto Glass Repair can help and fast!

Just start with a call to Splashes Auto Glass first! We have same day service for just about any make and model, a courtesy shuttle, loaner vehicles and a 24 HR emergency call centre so that your not left out in the cold.

Missing Door Glass

Splashes auto glass and windshield repair is located in the centre of the Surrey Auto Mall. Splashes Auto Glass in an ICBC Autoglass Express Vendor. This means that we can process your windshield glass claim on site, in minutes without you having to ever speak to ICBC. Your auto glass is covered by your comprehensive insurance and the lowest deductible ICBC offers is $300. But if your windshield is hit by a flying object such as a rock it usually drops down to $200. Call Splashes Auto Glass at 604-542-4960 for more information

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