It's A Great Day For A Car Wash

We are into the second week of October and the weather is STILL looking fabulous! If there were anytime to get your ride cleaned now is it.

The Splashes custom built and patented conveyor touch free carwash is unlike any other car wash you have tried before. This is because our patented technology allows our car wash to measure, profile and adjust to all sides of your vehicle. Front, top, back and side of every shaped car and truck. Our technology even adjusts to clean the rear window of a pickup truck and can clean a smart car effectively. This is something that no other touch less car wash can do.

But besides amazing clean you want speed. Your time is of the up most importance and our car wash has amazing speed. The Splashes WhiteWater carwash can load a new vehicle every 90 seconds, and this is something no other touch free car wash can do.

Come by today and for only $10 you’ll get your ride shinned without having to wait in line. In minutes your car or truck will be cleaned safely and you won’t even need to end your business phone call.

Splashes Car Wash is located in the Surrey Auto Mall at 3050 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC

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