Paint Protection Film – What Is Suntek?


Here at Splashes in Surrey, we are constantly broadening the scope of our product offerings and services to ensure that our customers get the vehicle care that they need, whenever they need it. Our latest offering to consumers in this region? SunTek Paint Protection film.

What Is SunTek Paint Protection Film?

Why did we choose SunTek? Quite simply, it’s the best. SunTek Paint Protection has an established reputation for superior paint protection on any type of car or truck. Working with Splashes for your SunTek Paint Protection application brings with it a distinctive range of features and benefits, making it the right choice for so many drivers. It’s a great way to fortify your vehicle against the harsh, abrasive road and weather conditions, while maintaining optical clarity.

The first thing that our customers notice about this protection film? It becomes virtually undetectable once it dries. However, don’t be fooled; even though you can’t see this product, it is constantly working hard for you (and your vehicle). After the application, your exterior paint job will be protected in a wide range of driving scenarios. Rocks, debris, road salt – whatever you encounter, SunTek can help prevent vehicle damage.

Another major benefit is the self-healing capabilities that SunTek retains. Hard scratches can disappear with the application of heat, to initiate the healing process. As seen in the photo below, scratches and minor damage virtually disappear under the protection of this invisible film.

before and after


Not only does this innovative protection film prevent damage, it also helps maintain the esthetic integrity of any vehicle it’s applied to. SunTek offers a proprietary, topcoat formulation that is both scratch and crack resistant. When combined with a high-gloss finish, you’ll enjoy final results that are both functional and eye-catching. Best of all, investing in protecting your vehicle can pay off when you’re ready to sell your automobile. In addition to keeping your exterior looking new, SunTek can help preserve the overall value of your vehicle as well.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the SunTek Paint Protection film? It’s superior warranty. You will enjoy a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, guaranteeing your satisfaction with the performance of this product.

Working With Splashes For Your Protection Film Application

When it comes to protecting your car or truck, choosing the right company to team with is just as important as choosing the right service and/or product. If you’re looking to partner with a superior team of talented, skilled and experienced vehicle specialists, Splashes can help. Our crew not only knows how to apply this SunTek product, they also know how to customize the application based on your specific vehicle needs. We use various resources throughout the application process to deliver a match on every feature and/or body contour on your vehicle. Mirrors, headlamps, bumpers, even gas caps and door handles – Splashes can get this product successfully applied on every surface for optimal performance and protection results.

Best of all, working with the team at Splashes means having access to a comprehensive range of vehicle services and products. Want to hear more about the Splashes difference? Visit us in store or contact us to connect with one of our talented, professional specialists.

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