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Here at Splashes in Surrey, we know firsthand that keeping your vehicle clean plays a key role in the overall maintenance and upkeep of your vehicle. A routine car wash can make a major difference in the look, feel, and even performance of your car or truck. While most drivers will agree that a car wash can keep their vehicle looking new, it seems like lately car wash systems in the Surrey area have gotten some negative attention. A local car wash facility recently was reported as having caused severe damage to a patron’s BMW as it drove through the washing facility. According to the online report, the damage was upwards from $15,000-$20,000.


Fortunately, customers at Splashes in Surrey know that using us for their carwash needs means never having to worry about unexpected vehicle damages. Why? Because here at Splashes we use the unique WhiteWater Car Wash application.

Experience The WhiteWater Car Wash System For Yourself

What can you expect when experiencing the Splashes difference? A distinctive car wash experience unlike any other throughout the Surrey region. Our first of its kind WhiteWater Car Wash was created, custom built and patented by the Splashes team. The biggest distinguishing feature of this car wash: A completely brushless experience from start to finish!

Choosing a brushless car wash experience means that you will never have to worry about unexpected damage caused by falling and/or failing brushes and equipment as you proceed through the wash process. However, the benefits don’t end there. Using Splashes in Surrey means that you will enjoy robotic profiling of your car or truck. The result? Our system will customize your wash based on your specific vehicle needs. Really.

Additionally, a brushless wash means that you don’t have to worry about taking off (and then putting back on) various accessories when driving through our system. As long as the car or truck remain 7’3″ or under, roofs racks, bike racks and other vehicle accessories will ride on through the system with you.

Also, here at Splashes in Surrey, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for every customer using our WhiteWater Car Wash system. That’s why we prep every vehicle and clean the wheels of every car and truck that comes through our system, free of charge. We also are the only brushless wash that includes automatic tire shine Armor All® in our $16.00 wash. You will leave our facility looking like you’ve spent hours cleaning your vehicle at home, by hand!

Best of all, when using the WhiteWater Car Wash system, you won’t actually have to spend hours getting your car or truck professionally washes. We provide a speedy and efficient system that brings in a new vehicle every 90 seconds. We can work through a 10 vehicle lineup in a mere 15 minutes! That means that no matter how busy your day gets, you always can find the time to tend to the care and maintenance needed to ensure your car looks like new.

Splashes Car Wash In Surrey: Comprehensive Car Care


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