Splashes Auto Glass – Don't Let The Grinch Steal Christmas!


We tend to associate the winter months with giving spirit and overall holiday cheer. While the season brings out some of our best qualities, unfortunately it also awakens the year-round Scrooges. Every December, we notice a remarkable increase in the number of vehicles with smashed out auto glass. Whether it be in the mall parking lot, or seemingly safe in your driveway, all vehicles face a higher risk of theft and vandalism. So how can you reduce the chance of your vehicle being made a target? These simple preventative measures can assist you in enjoying a positive, theft-free holiday.

Lock your doors!

Don’t invite thieves to enter your vehicle. It seems like common sense, but a very simple way to prevent easy break-ins.

Invest in a car alarm

Alarms have the ability to scare off nervous criminals, as well as help prevent break-ins.

Always carry your valuables out of the car

This includes purses, wallets, electronics and accessories. Stow away things like a GPS System and even adapters and chargers. Leaving any evidence of an iPhone can be enough to pull the trigger.

Keep a clean car

This ties in with concealing the evidence. Any items that you might think are undesirable can still act as bait for thieves. Something as simple as an empty bag can give the wrong impression. Regularly detailing your vehicle is one way to ensure a tidy car.

Make sure shopping bags are transported in the trunk

There is nothing worse than coming back to your vehicle after a long day of Christmas shopping only to find that all of your thoughtful gifts bought at stores number 1, 2 and 3 have been swiped. After purchasing your items, make the habit of putting the bags directly into the trunk instead of moving the items once parked. It may seem a bit redundant, but moving the goods once parked gives a clear display to potential thieves.

Park in highly visible areas

When out and about, try to park in highly visible areas where anyone attempting to enter your vehicle would be easily seen. It is less likely for a car parked front and center to be targeted rather than the car parked in the far corner shielded by a large tree.

So what happens if your vehicle does end up with broken glass? Splashes can help! We aim to work hard to preserve your stress free holiday season. As we are an ICBC Glass Express facility, we can make an auto glass claim directly, here at our shop. We also cater to private insurance companies. In most cases, we are able to create the claim and complete the job same day (including a complimentary mini detail!). If needed, we can provide you with a rental vehicle for the day or a ride home if you’re in the South Surrey area.

If you or someone you know is given the unlucky surprise of a smashed door glass, or even a broken back glass, we can assist you in making the replacement simple and painless.

Check out our Auto Glass page or give us a call for all of your auto glass needs! 604-542-4960


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