Rock Chip Repair at Splashes


Rock Chip Repair – Breaking it down:

Rock chips in your windshield can be the result of many scenarios. Most commonly, a truck or semi kicks up a stone, the stone strikes, and within seconds you are left with the unfortunate mark of impact. So what’s next? Learn the basics of a rock chip repair.

The sooner you can bring your vehicle in for a rock chip repair, the better. The job itself can be done in about 15 minutes while you wait, no appointment necessary. Once your windshield has been struck, the glass becomes highly vulnerable to cracking. The strength of the windshield is now compromised, and a rock chip repair can help restore its integrity. Although a repair can improve the cosmetic damage the rock has created, the main purpose is to prevent it from splitting and a rock chip repair will not make the damage disappear completely. The outcome will depend on the size, type of impact, and also the cleanliness of the damaged area. If there is dirt and residue building up in the chip, it is likely the repaired chip will not have optimal clarity. Again, the sooner your vehicle comes in for a rock chip repair, the better.

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Not all rock chips can be repaired. There are many factors that decide whether a chip is a good candidate for fixing. Because there are so many variables, we like to see the damage before making any assumptions. That being said, if the rock has only created a pit in the glass, this is something that can’t be fixed with a rock chip repair. The best way to find out if your windshield will be considered for repair is to let our auto glass specialists analyze the damage. With years of experience, they will be able to deem it repairable or not.

Even for some repairable rock chips, we will recommend replacement of the windshield if the chip is in your line of sight. Although it may be repairable, the outcome may still distract you. Same recommendation if there are multiple rock chips or the chance the repair won’t hold. Since we are dealing with broken glass, there is always a slight chance the windshield will crack during or after the rock chip repair is finished.

If your windshield is ready for replacement, Splashes auto glass department can help make the process as simple as it should be. As we are a certified ICBC glass express facility, we can process your claim right here in the office. Aside from ICBC, we can accommodate private insurance policies as well. We are most often able to order your part and complete the job in the same day, which also includes a complimentary mini detail with any insurance claim. While you wait for your repairs, we offer a local shuttle service or a rental vehicle covered through the claim.

For any of your auto glass needs, including a rock chip repair or windshield replacement, do not hesitate to contact Splashes!

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