X-Kote Paint Renewal Clear Coat


Now that the last long weekend of the summer is over and everyone is wrapping up their roads trips, it’s time to start checking your vehicle for scratches from rocks and other road debris. If you like to keep your vehicle in top shape, then a clear coat is the best way to make your vehicle sparkle like it did when you first drove it off the lot. A clear coat permanently removes undesirable scratches and brings the paint back to its original gleam without leaving any swirl marks that you may get from polishing. When choosing a clear coat, you have two options: you can go with a spray on clear coat, or you can go with X-Kote.

X-Kote gives you the exact same results as a spray on clear coat, but is different in that it is manufactured specifically to chemically cross-link with the original paint, rather than simply sticking to the surface. This means that there is no sanding or scuffing necessary for application like they would do with a spray on clear coat and due to it being hand applied, it is a much greener solution as well. Not only is X-Kote better for your vehicle and the environment, but it can also be done much more quickly and efficiently than a spray on clear coat. Here at Splashes we have a certified X-Kote technician to ensure that your vehicle receives the best application.

Since summer road trips are coming to an end, now is the best time to get your vehicle looking like new again. Give us a call at (604)-265-6059 if you would like a quote or to book an appointment!

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