It’s a horrible fact that during the Christmas season thieves are out in full force. Please do not think it will not happen to you. At Splashes Auto Glass we see a HUGE spike in broken vehicle windows at this time of year. Thieves don’t work under the cloak of darkness or in deserted parking lots either. This vehicle that came to Splashes is proof of that.

After the thieves were unable to get past the laminated drivers side security window, they then broke the rear tempered side glass and stole the vehicles contents.

Even if its just for a minute, don’t leave anything in your car. Keep your valuables and holiday presents safe and out of sight.


Broken Side Glass Laminated & Tempered

Splashes Auto Glass is located in the Surrey Auto Mall. We are an ICBC glass express auto glass repair shop.  This means that you do not have wait for an ICBC appointment to process a claim in order to replace your broken auto glass. Instead we take care of everything on site at Splashes by remotely processing your glass claim and getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.