Searching for a used car or truck is an exciting endeavor; however, it can also prove challenging for even the most motivated buyer. Even if you know the exact make and model you’re interested in, you’ll quickly find yourself inundated with options. As you sift through the available inventory, you may find yourself struggling to determine future performance and reliability of each potential vehicle.

It Can Be Difficult To Discern The Condition Of A Used Vehicle

The toughest question to answer as you move through used vehicles for sale? “How did the previous owner take care of this car or truck?” You may never get an accurate answer. Most new vehicles are leased; chances are, your used vehicle purchase will likely be a lease return, making it difficult to find proof of maintenance, or the specific conditions (driver, terrain, etc.) the vehicle was subjected to throughout the lease.

Checking out the esthetics of the car, or even working with a trusted sales dealership may not make the decision process any easier. Cars and trucks can easily be reconditioned to look brand new, even to a discerning buyer. Additionally, the ultimate goal of even the most reputable dealership is to sell you an automobile. When navigating through the purchasing process, it’s important to never believe what the salesperson tells you about the car’s past, unless they are able to produce paper proof about what they are sharing with you.

Three Telltale Signs That Can Help You Select The Best Used Vehicle

While the entire process can start to feel daunting, it’s important not to give up. Here at Splashes, we recommend looking at three simple things to gain instant insight on a vehicle’s past, no matter what the dealership says.

Wipers: Wipers for any vehicle are inexpensive and easy to replace. Most importantly, they make a HUGE improvement in visibly, driving enjoyment and even driver/passenger safety. At Splashes, we recommend checking out the wipers on any prospective automobile for one simple reason: anyone who doesn’t put the effort in replacing old wipers most likely hasn’t spend the time and money needed keeping up with other vehicle maintenance and care. Most dealerships don’t replace wipers, so if they look worn out (or, worse yet, broken) you may want to move on to another purchasing option.

Headlamps: Unlike wipers, headlamps are actually very expensive to replace and virtually impossible to repair/re-condition. In short, most dealerships will not incur the expense of replacing headlamps, which is a lucky break for buyers; one look at this part can give you an accurate snapshot of vehicle history. Headlamps that are scratched, pitted, foggy or even have moisture trapped inside may not be up to par with your expectations. Does it seem like one headlamp is in a completely different condition from the other one? Walk away.

Windshields: Damaged windshields are covered by insurance; if you find a used vehicle with a windshield that is worn, scratched, faded, chipped or cracked, it can prove a major red flag in prior care. If an owner couldn’t pay their deductible for maintenance, it’s fair to conclude that other costs and needed care were neglected as well.

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