The Spalshes Car Wash Entrance Teller is finally functional!

To all our loyal Pre-Paid Car Wash customers thank you for your patience! You can now redeem your discount car washes by simply popping into the Splashes main office so that we may re-program your old discount wash card into the new teller.

The new car wash teller will accept Visa, MasterCard and cash for payment. Best of all it will now give change back in loonies or toonies so you won’t end up with a fist full lonnies as change when all you have is a 20 dollar bill.

The discount car wash membership information within the teller will now be backed up remotely and therefore should something happen to this entrance system we will likely never be in the same position where all our valuable customer information is missing.

Prices have changed slightly. But you can still get an awesome White Water Basic wash for just $10 including GST. But by now we include GST on all washes sales sold at the car wash teller and this small discount should help make up a bit of the difference.

More importantly we changed our wash packages so that customers have much more choice with our offerings. You can now choose to have any option on your wash from Undercarriage cleaning, Tri Foam and Rain-X Paint Protectant, to maximum drying, wheels blasters and/or Tire Shine.

The new car wash teller is alarmed with shock and vibration sensors and should the system be tampered with the alarm will sound and the video verified monitoring will go directly to the alarm company, our recording PVR and multiple remote viewing devices. The alarm company will record the description of the people and/or vehicles and this should help us to catch the thieves, but it will also get the police on site much quicker due to the verified video monitoring.

Keep posted because in the very near future we have some very cool new features coming. The first is a Tap and Go Interac Debit system. This will allow you to simply tap your debit card for payment at the car wash teller and we hope this technology will also be available for Visa and MasterCard very soon.

But before that we will be installing an RFID tower and we plan to test this with a lucky few customers on a trial basis. With this system Splashes wants to offer is a monthly membership discount program for our car wash members. This monthly wash program will bill a low monthly fee allowing customers to wash their car anytime without payment via a radio frequency tag adhered to their vehicles windshield. Once we have this technology installed and running we’ll let people know and be ready to be one of the lucky few to get onto the trail version.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience. Please come by for a car wash and try out our new Car Wash Entrance Teller.