Modular Cargo Box Rentals: Making Getting There Part Of The Fun

It’s been said that it’s not the destination, but, rather, the journey that matters most. However, for many of us, our journeys are dictated by one common (and often restricting) factor: sheer vehicle storage capacity. All too often, we plan our road trips based solely on what we assume we can transport with our car or truck. We limit ourselves and our overall vacation experiences based on trunk space, simply because we believe that we just don’t have the room to take our sporting equipment, bikes, and other gear with us when we drive off.

Does this sound like your current getaway mentality? At Splashes, we understand completely. However, we firmly believe that none of our customers should ever feel restricted with what they can pack and bring with them when they head out on the open road. That’s why we proudly offer modular cargo box rentals as part of our comprehensive service capabilities.


Why You’ll Love Modular Cargo Box Rentals From Splashes

Not sure if renting a modular cargo box from Splashes makes sense for your next road trip? The features and benefits offered our rented boxes just may convince you. We offer a full selection of Thule cargo box products that offer our clients advantages such as:

Perfect fit: The first thing that our clients notice when using our rented box options? That we can offer them a near perfect packing fit based on their specific cargo needs. Whether you’re looking to tote a few bikes away for the day, or need to transport your new kayak to the lake for the entire week, we can fit you with the right Thule system to get you there comfortably.

Convenience: Worried about installing and dismantling your modular box at the end of your rental period? Don’t be; at Splashes our team of vehicle specialists handle the install and removal for our customers. You simply need a vehicle that has cross bars already on it and we can take it from there.

Cost: Most importantly, at Splashes, we know that many of clients just won’t use a modular enough to warrant the expense of an outright purchase. That’s why the option for renting works so well; you’ll get to select the right fit based on any need and activity and pay a fraction of the cost associated with purchasing a box. At Splashes, we offer customers a flat $60.00 rate for the first day and $10.00 a day thereafter. We even offer specialized pricing for long weekends and full weeks to make renting these as cost effective as possible.

Don’t let your vehicle’s storage capacity limit another road trip; contact Splashes today to learn more about our extensive offerings for modular cargo box rentals.