Love your new truck, but still wish you could make it even more your own? It’s a common occurrence. Even the owners of the newest, sleekest trucks can sometimes feel like they are just another nameless face behind the wheel, with nothing unique or distinctive separating their vehicle from the swarms of other factory creations.

Sound like your current vehicle dilemma? Not to worry; it is possible to customize your truck and make it as unique and original as you are. Some top ways to make your ride stand out on even the most crowded roadways include:

Tinted Windows: Sure, tinted windows looks great and can lend instant visual sophistication to any vehicle. However, this vehicle application also offers drivers an extensive assortment of benefits as well. You’ll enjoy minimized sun glare, UV protection and even a cooler interior once tinting has been done on the windows of your truck. Most importantly, tinting delivers the ultimate experience in driver privacy.

Custom Paint Job: The best part about a custom paint job? You get to choose how much (or how little) you change the exterior of the truck. Looking for a few minor enhancements to make your vehicle stand out? Work with a professional vehicle paint vendor to add just a few color strips and accents. Want to go big on the paint job? Change up the entire look by painted the entire exterior a new shade.

Install A Bed Liner: Want to perk up the bed of your truck? Install a spray-on bed liner. Not only do spray-on liners look great, they also deliver unparalleled protection to your bed for long-lasting endurance and optimal performance throughout the lifetime of your vehicle ownership.

Step Ups And Running Boards: Want to add just a little esthetic boost to your truck? Step ups and running boards can do the trick. The size, color, and finish options are virtually endless. You will get to pick exactly what you want for a final look that you will love.

Custom Tires And Rims: Yes, custom tires and rims can prove an expensive upgrade; however, going to a tire shop (instead of a dealership) could help save you money on the bottom line and give your truck an added style boost.

Lighting: Looking for an affordable, yet eye-catching, upgrade? Adding lighting to your truck can instantly help it stand out. Sure, your vehicle may come standard with high-intensity headlights, but you can add additional lights throughout the exterior for an enhanced final look. Consider running lights, new taillights, or even fog lights to give your truck a little something extra.

Perhaps the best (and easiest) way to help your truck stand out from everything else on the road? Keeping it clean. Driving a shiny, like-new looking truck will always help you command attention. Working with Splashes in Surrey for interior and exterior detailing not only makes your truck stand out, it helps protect your vehicle for long-lasting performance. Contact us today to schedule your detailing appointment.