It’s (almost) here – SUMMER! After a long Surrey winter, we are all looking forward to enjoying everything that summertime has to offer; warm weather, beach days, and just a whole lot of sunshine is literally just around the corner.

Just thinking about the impending season has the team at Splashes geared up! One of our favorite things about summer? Helping our clients get their vehicles ready for everything that the gorgeous weather will bring with it. Is your car or truck ready for the summer sunshine? If not, here are some tips on how to get your vehicle in tip top shape in no time:


Get A Carwash

Winter weather can leave its mark on any vehicle. Salt, snow, gravel – it can all have a major impact on your car and truck. At Splashes we offer a state-of-the-art carwash system to wash winter off the vehicle exterior in no time.


Go For Detailing

Once the outside of the vehicle is shiny and (like) new, it’s time to work on the inside. Feel like you will never get the ski and snow boot dirt out of your cabin? We can help. We offer customized detailing to clean every interior surface.


Check The Tires

Winter can wreak havoc on your tires and tire treads. Inspecting your tires can help determine if they’ve suffered irreparable wear and tear and need to be replaced.


Examine Your Breaks

Winter driving can be a lot more stop and go than summertime cruising. You can incur some serious brake damage throughout the colder winter months. Having your brakes examined will not only make sure that they are summer ready, but they are as safe as possible for driving.


Gauge Fluid Levels

Like, all of them. At Splashes we recommend that car owners go through the entire litany of fluids within their car or truck to make sure that all levels are where they should be. Brake, power steering, and auto transmission fluids should all make your “must check” checklist. You will also want to have your coolant fluids checked to guarantee everything is poised to run as it should.


Window Tinting

Sure, the summer sun can feel absolutely luxurious; however, overtime, it can totally have an impact on your vehicle’s interior. Splashes can help. We offer window tinting services that not only make your vehicle look great, but also helps combat against those powerful UV rays.


Check Out Your Paint Exterior

Snow, ice and salt doesn’t just affect the tires of your vehicle, it can also leave behind scratches and dents throughout your car exterior. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with this type of winter damage. At Splashes, we offer exterior paint applicants to eliminate visible damage and restore your car or truck to its former glory.

Worried that your car or truck just isn’t ready for summer yet? Not a problem! The team at Splashes can help. Come on down to our Surrey location, we can help your vehicle look and feel just like new!