Now that the warm weather has finally found us, many of us in the Surrey area will be gearing up for some outdoor adventures. A popular choice for many Mother Nature enthusiasts in Surrey? Camping.

Is camping on your must-do summer bucket list? Whether your flavor of camping is packing up the RV, or simply loading a tent into the back of your SUV and hitting the open road, it’s important to plan properly. Taking the time to create your essential camping checklist will not only help you have fun during your trip, but it can also help keep you and your fellow campers safe.


What You Should Bring With You When Getting Ready To Camp

Ready to put together your camping essential checklist? Consider some of the following items for a flawless execution in the great outdoors:

Roof rack system: It’s hard to pack everything you need if you don’t have the right packing resources. A key player in any veteran camper’s arsenal: a roof rack system. Here at Splashes, we offer a wide range of roofing systems to ensure that our customers find their perfect system fit. Best of all, we also offer rental options so you use it when you need it, and then return it when you’re done. We take care of the rest!

Tent: Not just any tent, but a fully waterproof tent to keep you and your bunkies dry and warm, no matter what the weather brings. Carefully pack all the necessary tent equipment (stakes, guylines, hammer/mallot) as well as any of your bedding (think warm: down comforters, sleeping bags, extra blankets, and even air mattresses) to make sure you feel comfortable during the (potentially) long and late nights.

Sporting equipment: Sure, the nights may feel a little long, but camping days are made for fun and adventure. Worried that you won’t be able to fit all of your gear into the vehicle? With a roofing rack system you don’t have to. You’ll easily be able to fit items such as fishing gear, hiking apparatus, spelunking equipment and more, all on top of your vehicle.

Seasonal clothing/gear: Summer camping in the Surrey area means being prepared for a wide range of temperature swings and changes. It’s important to plan accordingly and bring a diverse array of items to make sure you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature brings. Moisture wicking shirts, sunhats, sunscreen, waterproof sandals, and bathing suits can help when the temperatures rise. However, at night, you may want to consider layering and including thermal underway, extra socks, and even hats and mittens can make sure you stay toasty when the temperature drops.

Personal items: Finally, make sure to make room for some of your personal items that will help make the trip even more comfortable. Toiletries, insect repellent, lip balm, and biodegradable soap are just some of the items to consider. Don’t forget perhaps the most important item, a fully stocked First Aid kit. Bandages, antiseptics and other first response items will help keep everyone safe, no matter how rough the roughing it gets.

Looking for gear and accessories for your camping adventures? Splashes in Surrey can help. Visit our online store today to stock up on what you need this summer.