Ozone Odour Treatment- seek and destroy those obnoxious odours!

What is the Ozone?

The Ozone Odour Treatment is a system specialized in destroying stubborn odours, as well as eliminating any mold, fungus or bacteria.

Why do I need the Ozone Odour Treatment?

Summer is here! And as it seems, so are the unpleasant car odours. Now that springtime cleaning has come and gone, you may find detailing your car isn’t enough to rid of those unwanted, lingering scents. Whether you carry a pet as precious cargo, spill your Starbucks on the way to work, or simply pulling out that summertime cruiser from storage, cleaning the vehicle alone will not completely cure the culprit. While vacuuming and shampooing will remove the surface debris, the Ozone Treatment is the only sure method as odour-causing molecules become deeply entrapped in your vehicle’s fabric. When considering mould, shampooing the fabrics in combination with the Ozone will kill the bacteria at the source, making regrowth and musty smells obsolete.

How can I get the Ozone Treatment done for my vehicle?

Here at Splashes, we offer the Ozone Odour Treatment as a service itself, or as an add-on to any detail package. We usually recommend the Ozone in combination with our detailing services, to ensure the most effective results. Especially when dealing with spills (food or chemical), a shampoo and an Ozone is the best way to prevent reoccurring smells and future mould.

How long does the Ozone take?

Depending on the severity, we like to have the Ozone in for at least two hours. When dealing with certain “new to you” used vehicles, the ones that come with the not so new car smell of stale cigarette smoke, we’d likely want to keep the Ozone System in for as long as possible. The rule of thumb is that it’s better to over-saturate with ozone rather than to under-saturate. One treatment is most often enough to rid of the odour of choice.

How does the Ozone actually work?

Ever notice the fresh, clean scent in the air after a spring shower? This occurs because of the earth’s natural creation of ozone. Like nature, the Ozone Odour treatment system uses Ultra-Violet wavelengths to convert oxygen molecules into ozone. The ozone molecule is highly reactive, and will quickly attach itself to other molecules to create a chemical reaction. It will change their structures leaving behind a non-offensive molecule. As for bacteria, the ozone will attack the outer shell, causing it break down and killing the cell itself. Basically, the Ozone works in the same manner as exposing the problem to fresh air, only it works at an accelerated pace. The Ozone Odor Treatment is able to break down odour-causing molecules in any area where air can flow (all the nooks and crannies of your vehicle).


So next time you’re packing up the pooch for a long haul over the Coquihalla, or crying over spilled milk, consider factoring in the Ozone Odour Treatment to seek out and destroy those sometimes intolerable scents!