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Pamper Your Vehicle With A Splashes Car Wash

Here at Splashes in Surrey, we know firsthand that keeping your vehicle clean plays a key role in the overall maintenance and upkeep of your vehicle. A routine car wash can make a major difference in the look, feel, and even performance of your car or truck. While most drivers will agree that a car

Spray On Truck Bed Liners Industrial Application

It is no secrete that a spray in truck box liner is the best way to protect the bed of your pick up truck. Spray on truck bed liners are engineered to stand up to just about any abuse that can be doled out. That is what makes them the best option for the protection

Is a cracked windshield dangerous?

Is a cracked windscreen dangerous? This is a question I get asked regularly and the answer is, sort of. OK, the answer is yes, but not for the reason that most people think. We should all know by now that an automobile windshield plays a major part in the proper operation of the safety equipment

Prius Get’s 17 MPG !!!

Want to save money on fuel? Don't buy a hybrid. Instead, think of your brake as a pedal that flushes your money away. Why? Because that is exactly what it does. Your gasoline engine is VERY inefficient. It is said that only 15 to 20 percent of the total energy used by a gasoline engine

Armaguard Truck Liner – Jeep Wrangler

We are very excited to show off this Armaguard coatings project we just completed at Splashes. Below are a few pictures that show a Jeep Wrangler where we completely coated the entire interior tub and floor with Armaguard Truck Bed Liner Coating. Armaguard Spray On Truck Bed Liner is just about the strongest coating one

Modula Cargo Test Video

Here is a link to the Modula Cargo Canada website. They just posted a video of a vehicle running around a race track with the a Modula Cargo Box. I think the drifting BMW is a little more exciting, but you decide...  

Tesla Model S Performace

There is something about a fully electric vehicle and if you have not yet experienced driving one, you must! This Tesla Model S Performance came through Splashes for a detail and we got the down right pleasure of driving it! When it comes to driving dynamics I have always felt nothing compares to a turbo

This is Good News!

If I am not mistaken the last time a diesel was fitted to a light duty pick up was back in the 80's. Toyota dribbled out a few and today they are still worth a fortune, if you can find one. The big three North American manufactures quickly tried to hide their disastrous attempts at

Strongest Coating For Off Road Jeep

If you going to use your Truck, Jeep or 4X4 off road, your bumpers are likely going to take some serious abuse. Next to the under carriage your bumpers will be the first thing to tag the ground, tree's, rocks and all the other obstacles that will inevitably end up in your way while Off-Roading.Therefore