Project Description

X-KOTE® Paint Renewal System


  • Adheres to existing vehicle factory clear coat and thickens it
  • Allows permanent removal of scratches in factory clear coat without leaving damaging swirl marks from polishing
  • Applied without leaving paint lines
  • Maximizes the clarity and depth of the paint
  • Makes polishing obsolete


Efficient and green solution:

  • Hand applied not sprayed
  • Coverage is maximized, waste is minimized


Specialized 24 hour process

  • Wash and prep the vehicle
  • Remove all contamination including road grime, tar, sap and any other impurities on the finish
  • Clay bar the entire vehicle
  • Wet sand any heavily damaged areas
  • Cut polish the entire finish
  • Degrease and wash one more time
  • Hand and air Dry
  • Mask off any components close to the vehicle’s finish
  • Apply the X-kote® Paint Restoration Coating and allow to cure over night
  • Polish, wax and seal the X-Kote® Finish

X-Kote Just One Or Two Panels. Send Us a Photo, Call Or Come By For A Quote

  • If you have just had some bodywork done X-Kote can make the old panels paint match the new.
  • Scuffed or scratched just one panel, hood or trunk? X-Kote just the one panel and permanently rid of the scratches
  • Because X-Kote restores your original clear coat it can hide scratches and make old paint look like new again.


**Please note, SUV/Crossover/Van/Truck – roof NOT included unless otherwise specified.

Suntek Clear Bra

This album contains pictures of vehicles that have been proteced by Suntek Paint Protection Film