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  • Rock Chip Repair at Splashes Auto Glass in South Surrey

Rock Chip Repair at Splashes

Rock Chip Repair - Breaking it down: Rock chips in your windshield can be the result of many scenarios. Most commonly, a truck or semi kicks up a stone, the stone strikes, and within seconds you are left with the unfortunate mark of impact. So what's next? Learn the basics of a rock chip repair. The

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Splashes Auto Glass – Don’t Let The Grinch Steal Christmas!

We tend to associate the winter months with giving spirit and overall holiday cheer. While the season brings out some of our best qualities, unfortunately it also awakens the year-round Scrooges. Every December, we notice a remarkable increase in the number of vehicles with smashed out auto glass. Whether it be in the mall parking

Vehicle History From A Windshield and its Wipers?

When searching for a used car or truck you’re going to have a ton of options; and the thing with buying a used vehicle is that its future reliability depends on how the previous owner took care of it. Most new vehicles are leased so your used vehicle purchase will likely be a lease return.

Is The Season For Broken Auto Glass

It's a horrible fact that during the Christmas season thieves are out in full force. Please do not think it will not happen to you. At Splashes Auto Glass we see a HUGE spike in broken vehicle windows at this time of year. Thieves don't work under the cloak of darkness or in deserted parking

Before Repairing Your Windshield

Before you repair your windshield, consider what condition your windshield is in. By this I mean ask yourself; how long has been since your windshield was replaced? Likely because most will never consider the fact that a windshields takes a ton of abuse and therefore does wear out over time. As you’re traveling down the

Hollywood Cracked Auto Glass

It drives me crazy when I see a car chase, shoot out or any action scene involving a car on tv. Because more often than not, the bullet or object that passes through the window does not smash it. It just ends up with a Hollywood hole in it. This is not how it actually

Auto Glass Replacement

If for some reason such as a beak-in, vandalism or mechanical failure your car or trucks window is not doing what it should be. Splashes Auto Glass Repair can help and fast! Just start with a call to Splashes Auto Glass first! We have same day service for just about any make and model, a

Windshield Replacement On Big Trucks

At Splashes Auto Glass and Windshields it does not matter what you drive. An old school classic, a brand new sophisticated vehicle full of safety systems right down to a full size commercial vehicle and everything in between. Splashes autoglass can replace any broken or cracked glass on an vehicle big or small. Back glass