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Great NEWS! Our Car Wash Teller Is Operational

The Spalshes Car Wash Entrance Teller is finally functional! To all our loyal Pre-Paid Car Wash customers thank you for your patience! You can now redeem your discount car washes by simply popping into the Splashes main office so that we may re-program your old discount wash card into the new teller. The new car

A Perfect Day For A Car Wash

It is a gorgeous Saturday in Surrey and that makes it the perfect day for a car wash. Splashes custom patented the WhiteWater touch-less car wash. This new technology is a conveyor style car wash with no brushes and special profiling equipment the measures all aspects of your vehicle. This produces a car wash that is so

Finally! Splashes has a Car Wash Entrance System

To all of our patient and loyal customers Nearly two months ago Splashes had our car wash entrance system stolen. Previous to this many of our regular customers took advantage of our pre-paid car wash discount program. After the theft we were able to get the car wash up and running immediately, but we have


Often, our daily Facebook and Twitter feeds are filled with bad news from around the world. Thanks to you, something good came from regular people getting together with a common goal. On Dec 2nd, 2014, two male thieves in a dark blue or black lowered Honda Civic 2Dr stole our entire carwash coin box entrance

Nov 11th Is Remembrance Day

This Tuesday Nov 11th; Remember to take a minute to think of and thank those who have done and continue to do what most never want to imagine. Splashes Remembrance day hours are as follows; Nov 11th - Detail and Glass Shop will be closed. Exterior Car Wash will be open from 10am to 5pm.

Happy RainFall Warning… I mean Thanksgiving!

Happy Holiday Thanksgiving Monday Oct 13th to everyone! The fall weather has finally kicked in and the Lower Mainland has been issued a rainfall warning for today. Therefore our car wash will be closed today. It was scheduled to be open today from 10AM to 5PM for holiday hours, but instead will be closed. Everyone

It’s A Great Day For A Car Wash

We are into the second week of October and the weather is STILL looking fabulous! If there were anytime to get your ride cleaned now is it. The Splashes custom built and patented conveyor touch free carwash is unlike any other car wash you have tried before. This is because our patented technology allows our

First Week Of Fall = Sunshine!

We have had a fantastic summer, but it has come to an end as fall is officially here. But according to the weather forecast it is looking like our dry trend is going to continue a little longer. So this is the perfect time to rinse away the grime from the past weeks rain and