• Rock Chip Repair at Splashes Auto Glass in South Surrey

Rock Chip Repair at Splashes

Rock Chip Repair - Breaking it down: Rock chips in your windshield can be the result of many scenarios. Most commonly, a truck or semi kicks up a stone, the stone strikes, and within seconds you are left with the unfortunate mark of impact. So what's next? Learn the basics of a rock chip repair. The


Often, our daily Facebook and Twitter feeds are filled with bad news from around the world. Thanks to you, something good came from regular people getting together with a common goal. On Dec 2nd, 2014, two male thieves in a dark blue or black lowered Honda Civic 2Dr stole our entire carwash coin box entrance

Stolen! $500 Reward Offered! Please Share!

NO QUESTIONS ASKED, REALLY! Please click the share button and pass this onto as many people as you know. If we get this machine back it would be the best holiday present we could ask for. On December 2nd our Car Wash Entrance System Wash STOLEN! Likely this was just for the cash inside, but

Pre Season SALE! 25% Off 2014 Models.

Splashes is having a pre season sell off on all in stock 2014 Modula Cargo Boxes to make room for our 2015 models. This means that if you act fast you can purchase any of our current 2014 inventory at 25% OFF. But HURRY, only while supplies last!  For MSRP pricing check out the Modula

It’s A Great Day For A Car Wash

We are into the second week of October and the weather is STILL looking fabulous! If there were anytime to get your ride cleaned now is it. The Splashes custom built and patented conveyor touch free carwash is unlike any other car wash you have tried before. This is because our patented technology allows our

First Week Of Fall = Sunshine!

We have had a fantastic summer, but it has come to an end as fall is officially here. But according to the weather forecast it is looking like our dry trend is going to continue a little longer. So this is the perfect time to rinse away the grime from the past weeks rain and

New Car Wash Hours

We have adjusted our Car Wash hours to better suit early risers and adjust for the changing fall sunset times. The WhiteWater Car Wash at Splashes is now open from 7:30 Am - 7:00 PM. For complete car wash hours check our WhiteWater car wash page by clicking here. The Splashes brand new and patented