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Armaguard Protective coatings are originally designed for use as a ppick up truck spray in bed liner. But as Amraguard is able to put up with that type of abuse it also makes it one of the best protective coatings for just about anything else that will be subjected to sever duty applications. Check our

LightBar, Headache Rack, BedLiner

Whelen Light Bar, aluminum cab guard, Armaguard bedliner The Whelen Century Mini Light Bar on this truck is one of the most economical traffic warning light solutions. Due to the positioning of 6 high intensity LED modules which emit a bright amber flash in a complete 360 circle. With just one, long lasting

Truck Rockers Protected By Armaguard

There is nothing stronger than a truck bed liner; therefore there is nothing better for the good looking protection of a trucks rocker panels too. Armaguard Truck BedLiner If you're planning some winter travel on the Coquihalla Hwy, the Sea to Sky corridor or to conquer some serious off road trails in the Moab;

Why you Don’t Want A Plastic Truck Bed Liner

Why you shouldn't have a plastic truck bed liner... This picture is of a 2013 f150 with the factory plastic bed liner. The customer realized after a year with the plastic liner that is was slippery, loud and so poorly designed he could not even use his tie downs correctly. So he opted to have

Final Armaguard Truck Liner Boat Restoration Pictures

Here it is... the finish product! Check it out on our Facebook page for high resolution photos or in our Splashes photo gallery by clicking the links below; https://www.facebook.com/splashes.ca/photos_stream http://splashes.ca/gallery-builder/alumiinum-fioshing-boat-armaguard-restoration#/gallery/Aluminum Splashes in the Surrey Auto Mall is an installer of Armaguard spray in truck bed liners. The thing is that Armaguard spray-on bedliner is one

Some More Before Photos

We've just uploaded a few more before photos of the Aluminum Fishing Boat that we are restoring using Armaguard Spray On Truck Bed Liner. This protective coating is about the strongest coating that can found. Aluminum is very slippery when it's wet and it is very hard to keep it looking good. Once this Aluminum