Before Repairing Your Windshield

Before you repair your windshield, consider what condition your windshield is in. By this I mean ask yourself; how long has been since your windshield was replaced? Likely because most will never consider the fact that a windshields takes a ton of abuse and therefore does wear out over time. As you’re traveling down the

Auto Glass Replacement

If for some reason such as a beak-in, vandalism or mechanical failure your car or trucks window is not doing what it should be. Splashes Auto Glass Repair can help and fast! Just start with a call to Splashes Auto Glass first! We have same day service for just about any make and model, a

Windshield Replacement On Big Trucks

At Splashes Auto Glass and Windshields it does not matter what you drive. An old school classic, a brand new sophisticated vehicle full of safety systems right down to a full size commercial vehicle and everything in between. Splashes autoglass can replace any broken or cracked glass on an vehicle big or small. Back glass