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Spray In Bed Liner Options


  • Polyurea is what gives your spray on bed liner it’s strength, flexibility and UV resistance. Armaguard has highest level of Polyurea of any bed liner product on market
  • Can stretch up to 200% before it breaks or cracks (as opposed to 50% by competitors), making it both the most flexible and strongest liner on the market with the ability above all others to withstand extreme temperatures, flexing and impacts without damage

High quality two stage high pressure equipment

  • High Pressure equipment applies Armaguard Spray-On Liners at 2200 PSI!
  • The resin and activator are pre-heated, kept warm in heated high pressure lines and delivered to the spray gun at nearly 200F°
  • The two are kept separate and heated throughout the pump and lines until they reach the spray gun.
  • The two are then mixed and instantaneously react with one another, beginning the rock solid curing process which takes only 3 seconds!
  • The second the product touches the bed of your truck it has adhered and cured and is virtually impossible to remove.

The Install Is Everything. Proven experience

  • The install is the single most important component to a long lasting truck bed liner.
  • Splashes employs only experienced professional Armaguard technicians for installation
  • Splashes installs on average between 3 and 8 spray on truck bed liners per day
  • Armaguard protective coatings has been protecting truck beds and enhancing the appearance of pickups since 1991.

Top-notch service

  • Our friendly and dedicated staff are client focused and available to book the installation appointment at your convenience (604-542-4960)
  • With multiple installers on shift everyday we can get your project complete on your schedule, not ours.

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