7 Ways To Get Your Car (Or Truck) Ready For Summer


It’s (almost) here – SUMMER! After a long Surrey winter, we are all looking forward to enjoying everything that summertime has to offer; warm weather, beach days, and just a whole lot of sunshine is literally just around the corner. Just thinking about the impending season has the team at Splashes geared up! One of our favorite things about summer? … Read More

Truck Customization


Love your new truck, but still wish you could make it even more your own? It’s a common occurrence. Even the owners of the newest, sleekest trucks can sometimes feel like they are just another nameless face behind the wheel, with nothing unique or distinctive separating their vehicle from the swarms of other factory creations. Sound like your current vehicle … Read More

Five Tips To Help Your Vehicle Run Forever (Or, A Really Long Time)


Owning any type of vehicle can prove a significant investment, making it critical for drivers to perform the needed maintenance on their automobiles to uphold its value. However, retaining the value on a car or truck isn’t the only reason to keep with up routine maintenance and care. Yes, some owners only take care of their vehicles when the time … Read More