Give Your Car The Makeover It Deserves


Do you feel like driving in your car or truck just isn’t as fun as it used to be? Many drivers feel the same way at some point during their vehicle ownership. After a few years of wear and tear, both cars and trucks can start to feel a little worn down, with just a bit (or most) of its former luster fading. The result? Climbing into the cabin can seem like more of a chore, rather than the start of an adventure.

Sound like your current driving experience? It may be time for a vehicle makeover. Just like us, our vehicles also need a little designated attention and TLC. What can you do to help get your car or truck back in great form? Consider some of these services:

Car Wash: While a simple car wash may seem like a no-brainer, many drivers overlook this important care service with their automobile. Don’t be one of them; take the time to consistently clean your vehicle at Splashes in Surrey to keep everything washed, shining and looking like new.

Auto Detailing: Auto detailing proves the perfect way to make the inside of your car look and perform just like the outside after your wash. Additionally, an exterior detail gives the outside of the vehicle an added boost and will protect your automobile paint and help restore it to its original glory.

Paint Restoration: Speaking of protecting the exterior paint, sometimes, the paint job on our cars and trucks is just beyond mere protection; it may actually require a little restoration. Using X-Kote paint scratch and restoration on your care can instantly enhance the overall esthetics of the vehicle. You may also want to consider a SunTek paint protection application to just add a little extra protection on the areas on your automobile that experience the most exposure to the external elements.

Paint Wraps: Want to change the color of your car entirely for a whole new look? Paint wraps can do the trick. You will be able to choose from a wide selection of colors and styles to create a customized, final look that you will love.

New Tires: The tires on our vehicles are another component that often gets overlooked. However, new tires not only make your car or truck look new, they also deliver important functional value as well. New treads on your tires will give you extra traction, no matter what the weather or driving conditions.

Accessories: Finally, there are a slew of various automotive accessories available so drivers can customize their vehicle in their own unique way. From LED lighting, to chrome accents and a wide range of everything in between, you can handpick a few (or many) pieces designed for your vehicle to make your automobile look and feel like new again.

Is your car or truck ready for an automotive makeover? Splashes in Surrey can help. Contact us today to hear more about the many services we offer to make driving your automobile exciting again!

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