Before you repair your windshield, consider what condition your windshield is in.

By this I mean ask yourself; how long has been since your windshield was replaced? Likely because most will never consider the fact that a windshields takes a ton of abuse and therefore does wear out over time. As you’re traveling down the road the front of your vehicle including the windshield takes the brunt of all road debris. Sand, rocks, dirt, oil and other debris is picked up by other vehicles and flung at your windshield. Much like your vehicles tires, brakes and shocks; over time your windshield wears. But becuase your windshield is made of glass and is soft it becomes sand blasted and worn from regular driving. If you travel in the winter or on less maintained roads this wear happens much quicker. As your windshield wears it becomes pitted, sand blasted and chipped. It then starts to absorb oil and contaminates from the road making it difficult to see and wearing wipers out quickly. As this deterioration happens slowly it usually goes un-noticed. Until it gets so bad a customer can hardly see in poor weather or in bright sun shine and even with brand new wipers. Once a customer is forced to replace a windshield due to major damage, we continuously hear that they cannot believe how much easier it is to see. It’s often referred to as; like having a new pair of glasses.

ICBC does not covers the cost for repairing a windshield rock chip in BC and therefore you must pay to have a windshield rock chip filled. A windshield rock chip repair usually costs between 40 and 80 dollars depending on the auto glass company. At Splashes Auto Glass we charge $39.99 and guarantee our windshield rock chips repairs for life with our money back guarantee. But before you pay out of pocket to have your windshield repaired, consider the overall condition of it. If your windshield has just been recently replaced then a repair is likely a great way to go. But if you cannot remember the last time your windshield was replaced and have been finding to harder to see while driving, it might not be that you’re getting older. It could be that your windshield is in fact very damaged and having it replaced is the best thing you’ve done to your vehicle in a long while. Seeing clearly, especially in poor weather is not only MUCH safer but it makes driving so much more enjoyable.

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