At Splashes, we often work with clients who come to us for window repair. Unfortunately, for many of these drivers, their vehicle windows weren’t broken due to a random event or Mother Nature; many of our clients come to Splashes to repair a car or truck window that has been broken due to a vehicle break in.

How To Minimize Risk For A Vehicle Break In

While there are never any complete guarantees against a vehicle break in, there are methods you can use to help minimize the risk that you will fall victim to a break in. Knowing a few tips can help you stay vigilant, no matter where you travel and proactively prevent a vehicle break in on your car or truck.

Hide valuable items: Smartphones, tablets, computers, wallets, purses and even shopping bags are just some of the many items often left in cars that can catch the eyes of thieves who happen to walk past your vehicle. Even leaving loose change out in the open can prove enough for a perpetrator to break in through the car window. Putting anything valuable (or just looks valuable) in the glove box or trunk can minimize the risk that you’ll become a target.

Remove accessories too: Many drivers remember to keep valuable items out of sight; yet, they forget to remove some of the accessories that go with these valuable items. Chargers, adapters and even suction cup mounts for mobile navigation systems (yes, really) can all be dead giveaways that you have something of value in your car. Be sure to hide these items as well when you do your vehicle sweep.

Secure (and turn off) the vehicle: Think that you don’t need to lock up when just running a few quick errands. The answer just may surprise you; all it takes is just a few seconds for a thief to open your doors, steal your belongings, and be gone. Worse yet, many drivers admit to leaving their car or truck running when making a quick pit stop, opening up the doors for full on car theft. Always lock up your car and take your keys with you, no matter how long you will be away from the vehicle.

Park wisely: Where you park can also have an impact on break in prevention. Quiet, poorly lit parking spaces can encourage thievery, while choosing well-lit, populated areas can deter break ins.

Install a car alarm: Yes, car alarms can prove a nuisance when they accidentally go off; however, these theft deterrent devices can truly, well, deter thefts. Having an alarm installed in your vehicle can scare away a potential thief through sheer noise power.

If you do find yourself a victim of a car break in, Splashes can help. As a highly qualified ICBC glass express / auto glass repair shop, we can repair your broken windows and windshields quickly to eliminate stress and inconvenience. Call or email us today for a car care appointment!