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Toy Mountain 2015

The holidays are the time of year for family, friends, and festivities. It is the most wonderful time of the year after all! Unfortunately not everyone has the privilege to be as fortunate as most of us. Many families struggle with financial resources, making Christmas frustrating and unfulfilling. Parents are forced to choose between paying bills

Truck Customization

Love your new truck, but still wish you could make it even more your own? It's a common occurrence. Even the owners of the newest, sleekest trucks can sometimes feel like they are just another nameless face behind the wheel, with nothing unique or distinctive separating their vehicle from the swarms of other factory creations.

J Sersies LandCruiser

This is without a doubt the vehicle closest to my heart. I had one once and have been jonesing for a J series Land Cruiser ever since. The BJ42 with the 3B diesel is possibly the one vehicle I want the most. I am not one for wicked whips with massive matte black rims. But

Splashes Owner does ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in Car Wash.

I was recently nominated to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. As owner of the WhiteWater Car Wash at Splashes in Surrey BC I figured a walk though the car wash would be my ice bucket challenge. The water is not heated and it is cold! Hope this counts! Although not required I will (as

The New Splashes Rally Car, On Its Only Rally

I finally got around to posting the Splashes TSD rally car in it's one and only rally. Warring! Anyone at work or with young children around, the music has a few fittingly choice words. The old Volvo ads about the old square boxes being safe were not rumors. Notice in the video how there was

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