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  • Rock Chip Repair at Splashes Auto Glass in South Surrey

Rock Chip Repair at Splashes

Rock Chip Repair - Breaking it down: Rock chips in your windshield can be the result of many scenarios. Most commonly, a truck or semi kicks up a stone, the stone strikes, and within seconds you are left with the unfortunate mark of impact. So what's next? Learn the basics of a rock chip repair. The

Vehicle History From A Windshield and its Wipers?

When searching for a used car or truck you’re going to have a ton of options; and the thing with buying a used vehicle is that its future reliability depends on how the previous owner took care of it. Most new vehicles are leased so your used vehicle purchase will likely be a lease return.

Before Repairing Your Windshield

Before you repair your windshield, consider what condition your windshield is in. By this I mean ask yourself; how long has been since your windshield was replaced? Likely because most will never consider the fact that a windshields takes a ton of abuse and therefore does wear out over time. As you’re traveling down the