What Does Splashes Do?

There is a lot to Splashes Auto Care and Glass in Surrey. Splashes does many, many things; but before we tell you a few of the things we do we thought a picture… or a video would be best. What does Splashes do? Splashes does Auto Glass; As an ICBC Glass Express Shop we can process your auto glass claim and … Read More

Vehicle Break Ins: Five Tips To Proactively Prevent Them

At Splashes, we often work with clients who come to us for window repair. Unfortunately, for many of these drivers, their vehicle windows weren’t broken due to a random event or Mother Nature; many of our clients come to Splashes to repair a car or truck window that has been broken due to a vehicle break in. How To Minimize … Read More

Making Getting There Part Of The Fun

Modular Cargo Box Rentals: Making Getting There Part Of The Fun It’s been said that it’s not the destination, but, rather, the journey that matters most. However, for many of us, our journeys are dictated by one common (and often restricting) factor: sheer vehicle storage capacity. All too often, we plan our road trips based solely on what we assume … Read More

Great NEWS! Our Car Wash Teller Is Operational

The Spalshes Car Wash Entrance Teller is finally functional! To all our loyal Pre-Paid Car Wash customers thank you for your patience! You can now redeem your discount car washes by simply popping into the Splashes main office so that we may re-program your old discount wash card into the new teller. The new car wash teller will accept Visa, … Read More

A Perfect Day For A Car Wash

It is a gorgeous Saturday in Surrey and that makes it the perfect day for a car wash. Splashes custom patented the WhiteWater touch-less car wash. This new technology is a conveyor style car wash with no brushes and special profiling equipment the measures all aspects of your vehicle. This produces a car wash that is so much better that any other … Read More

Using Clear Bra To Protect Exterior Paint

Mother Nature Who? How Splashes Can Help Safeguard Your Car Against Winter In case you haven’t noticed…winter (and snow) is everywhere right now. While there’s much to be said about the beauty and charm of the white stuff, it’s important to remember that it’s not always a winter wonderland outside, especially for our vehicles. This season can take an especially … Read More

How To Buy A Used Car In Surrey

Searching for a used car or truck is an exciting endeavor; however, it can also prove challenging for even the most motivated buyer. Even if you know the exact make and model you’re interested in, you’ll quickly find yourself inundated with options. As you sift through the available inventory, you may find yourself struggling to determine future performance and reliability … Read More

Family Day 2015 Splashes Hours

Tomorrow, Monday February 9th 2015 is the BC’s second family day holiday. Hope everyone gets some down time with their families. The Splashes detail, glass and auto shop will be closed. The White Water Car Wash at Splashes will be open from 10AM to 5PM for exterior washes today. See you all Tuesday and have a great day off work!


We took our own black dodge caravan, applied the Suntek Paint Protection Film to it and them proceeded to take a steel wire brush to it! Much to our relief the promise of self healing paint protection was true. Post by Splashes.ca.

LED Traffic Safety Strobe Light Video

Here is a quick video of the finished product after Splashes installed surface mount amber strobe lights and a rear directional traffic advisory LED Light Bar on the back of the road crew work van. Post by Splashes.ca.