Pamper Your Vehicle With A Splashes Car Wash


Here at Splashes in Surrey, we know firsthand that keeping your vehicle clean plays a key role in the overall maintenance and upkeep of your vehicle. A routine car wash can make a major difference in the look, feel, and even performance of your car or truck. While most drivers will agree that a car wash can keep their vehicle … Read More

Give Your Car The Makeover It Deserves


Do you feel like driving in your car or truck just isn’t as fun as it used to be? Many drivers feel the same way at some point during their vehicle ownership. After a few years of wear and tear, both cars and trucks can start to feel a little worn down, with just a bit (or most) of its … Read More

What Should You Expect From A Car Detailing Service?


Are you losing the battle against trying to keep you car clean, both inside and out? If so, it might be time to consider outsourcing your do-it-yourself efforts to a professional car detailing service. A professional service, such as Splashes in Surrey, can offer a wide range of features and benefits such as:   Convenience: It’s no secret that our … Read More

What You Need To Know About The Ozone Odour Treatment


Ozone Odour Treatment- seek and destroy those obnoxious odours! What is the Ozone? The Ozone Odour Treatment is a system specialized in destroying stubborn odours, as well as eliminating any mold, fungus or bacteria. Why do I need the Ozone Odour Treatment? Summer is here! And as it seems, so are the unpleasant car odours. Now that springtime cleaning has … Read More

Paint Protection Film – What Is Suntek?


Here at Splashes in Surrey, we are constantly broadening the scope of our product offerings and services to ensure that our customers get the vehicle care that they need, whenever they need it. Our latest offering to consumers in this region? SunTek Paint Protection film. What Is SunTek Paint Protection Film? Why did we choose SunTek? Quite simply, it’s the … Read More

7 Ways To Get Your Car (Or Truck) Ready For Summer


It’s (almost) here – SUMMER! After a long Surrey winter, we are all looking forward to enjoying everything that summertime has to offer; warm weather, beach days, and just a whole lot of sunshine is literally just around the corner. Just thinking about the impending season has the team at Splashes geared up! One of our favorite things about summer? … Read More

Paint Sealant: Giving Your Vehicle That "Something Extra"


Having a vehicle means taking the time to make sure it looks great and performs at maximum capacity at all times. For many drivers, this means getting premium car wash services on a consistent basis. While high-end car washes can deliver an extensive range of benefits and can play an integral role in the overall care and performance of the … Read More

Five Tips To Help Your Vehicle Run Forever (Or, A Really Long Time)


Owning any type of vehicle can prove a significant investment, making it critical for drivers to perform the needed maintenance on their automobiles to uphold its value. However, retaining the value on a car or truck isn’t the only reason to keep with up routine maintenance and care. Yes, some owners only take care of their vehicles when the time … Read More

Car Decals 101: What You Don't Know Can Hurt Your Vehicle

Previous generations of vehicle owners primarily used car decals for two main reasons: to say something or to advertise something. From funny quips to political affiliations, drivers could use their vehicle as a forum to get their point across. Likewise, companies in every industry would print up bumper stickers and decals to encourage drivers to use their vehicle as a … Read More

Spilled Milk In Your Car or Truck?

Spills in a vehicle are very, very common. From the infamous coffee slip to a major mishap. It happens all the time and when it’s not just a coffee mishap people are not sure where to go. But more importantly if it’s a major mess most don’t know that it is an accident and covered by your vehicle insurance. At … Read More